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South Ogden Wine Cellar (another update)

Back for more on the South Ogden Wine Cellar (SOWC).  The project is moving along nicely (with a few install challenges thrown in just to keep things interesting).  All of the ceiling panels and wall panels, with the exception of the wine bottle wall panels, have been installed.  We saved the best (and most challenging) for last and are now working on the installation of those wine bottle panels (WBP).  In the photo below, you are looking at one of the WBP with a piece of 3/4″ CDX plywood attached to the back.  We needed this added thickness so that there is enough “meat” for the neck of a bottle to be held into place without sagging.  The CDX was painted black so that it cannot be seen once the panels have been installed.IMG_0210IMG_0209IMG_0207

IMG_0205This is the final step in the completion of the SOWC and we are in the home stretch.  The next post will be the completed project (and me with a glass held high!)